Pool of your dreams

Number 1 before doing any more questioning or planning, check with your Homeowners Associations!   Do they allow pools, what are your specific rules to having one?

We all know pools are expensive but just how expensive? In ground pools on average are $ 51,800 according to HomeAdvisor. Above- ground pools are a less expensive option and around $ 5,000 to build and $ 1,100 to $ 3,500 range to install.

But what you might not realize there is a lot of hidden costs. Will a retaining wall or other costly landscaping be needed? Will there be a deck for an above- ground pool or a concrete patio for an in ground pool? What about fancy lighting or shaded cover area for sitting? That is just the set up but don’t forget about all those accessories that must haves for fun in the sun: diving boards, slides, pool floats, etc. they add up faster than you might think!

So you have it all set up ready to have fun but don’t forget about having to maintain it to keep it at its optimal quality. HomeAdvisor estimates a home owner spends on average $ 115 a month on pool maintenance by a professional. You might think you could save tons by maintaining it yourself. Think of it this way. Do you want to be spending time enjoy the pool or cleaning and maintaining it? On average it takes 5 to 10 hours a week! On top of getting the correct chemicals, chlorine, a pH kit, skimmer, a pool vacuum, filters, and a quality pool cover that ranges from $ 30 to upward to $ 10,000 for a mechanical model.

You have it installed, having fun and it’s still shining in the sun. Then the worst happens the pump or something else breaks, then what? Experts on Angie’s List tell the pool repairs are a real price tag shocker! A busted pool pump motor can be $ 350 to repair to around $ 1800 to replace. Resurfacing a leak starts around $ 6,000, and a vinyl lining starts around $ 3,000. A new filter is about $ 600 every 3 to 5 years.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 3,536 people drowned in non-boating related accidents each year. That is about 10 people per day. 1 in 5 are 14 years or younger. So I would say pool safety is very important! Not only can people can drown but pets as well can drown and even die by just lapping up the chemical pool water. Home owner insurance companies have a variety of different requirements as to the type of fences. Pool fences can start well over $1000. a pool alarm would be an excellent idea which can be purchased from pool supply stores or amazon which range from $ 20 to $ 250 to help monitor who is going to the pool. The fence is not the only thing home owner insurance stacks on to a home owner, there is a huge liability coverage that will be added as well due to the liability of a pool that could cause injury or death, which results in an extra $ 300 a year premium.

The pump is repaired and you are back to having fun until you get your first electrical bill and have to sit down! That pump you just replaced uses more electricity than any other household appliance resulting in an increased electric bill of $ 300 per year or higher in different states. Depending on where you live the water bill just increased $ 360 as well!

You might anticipate the mosquitoes and flies but pools attract other living things as well like frogs, snakes, ducks and geese and the worst even raccoons that could cause serious neurological illness in humans because they harbor parasites that could be in the pool water and not be killed off by the chemicals.

Resale will save you though right?? If you think you might move in a few years and whoever buys this house will just love you because there is a pool and they didn’t have to deal with any headache of building it! Because who doesn’t want a pool right!? You might think it’s an investment and you will get your money back on the sale. Real Estate Agents warn against that type of thinking. Some might find it appealing but other buyers, that have small children or active pets see nothing but headaches or see that wasted yard space. Getting rid of the pool isn’t exactly cheap either costing the potential buyer $ 10,000 they might not want to invest right away and pass on your home. On average above ground pools might even cost you money when that time comes and the buyer asks you to remove it as part of their terms of sale.

So before you jump both feet into your pool “idea” make sure you take into consideration ALL the hidden downsides along with the benefits.

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