We're so very appreciative of all of our clients, and we love receiving their feedback. To learn more about their experiences, keep reading!


"With you I really like how you call in and find out exactly. I'm impressed with that. I like the feedback. I never really had the feedback before." When asked if Stace Bohlender was knowledgeable about the market: "Oh yeah. He did give me a lot of information and I took his advice." - E. Durgadin

"I don't really know what to expect from a Realtor...but I was extremely pleased...Real Estate Experts would definitely be the only team I would recommend."

- M. Evans

"If anyone ever asks me who sells my house I say Real Estate Experts did. I'm happy. I've bought a house through them and I've sold a house through them."

- D. Pauley

"Thank y'all very much for all of your help in making it a quick and smooth process so far."

- R. Nix
"When he came he was very prepared. The other man came in hadn't looked at everything, Stace was a lot more prepared really had put the time in and effort in. That to us is a big difference." - M. Brand

"Thanks to everyone at Real Estate Experts, the house was sold more quickly than we expected. If anyone asks, we will definitely recommend you."

- L. Trenkenshuh

"Real Estate Experts was Wonderful....very wonderful....They get an A+ Rating!"

- C. Shaw

REE made the entire process extremely easy. They answered all of my questions immediately and was available whenever I needed them. They explained the process and kept up with everything that was going on while keeping me informed. I am very thankful for their help!

- M Mattice
"Reedy's been a really good Realtor. He's been very helpful, and he's very attentive. I would refer to Reedy" - J. Grant

I had an awesome experience working with Stace and his team.  I'm in the Middle East and they handled everything I needed.  I would definitely recommend him and his team!

- P. Gosselin

I enjoyed working with Stace Bohlender and Real Estate Experts LLC. I felt taken care personally. I felt like I was in good hands and my interests were effectively communicated in a timely fashion. I would easily recommend Stace and R.E.E. LLC to anyone looking to buy a home. All inspections and title & closing was done in a timely fashion and issues were resolved on the spot. I believe I will continue reaching out to Stace and R.E.E. if I have questions in the future.

- J Johnson
"I think you provided excellent service and still are. Your Fantastic!....... We have already recommended you to two of our friends." - A. Reagan

Real Estate Experts was great to work with, always available to answer my questions and very knowledgeable about the process and keeping me informed about where we are in the process.

- M. Mattice
"We've been impressed. You're just everywhere. We saw you when we came into town from the get go. "When asked about Stace Bohlender Expertise about the market.  "Fantastic! He was very prepared." - H. Neff
"Mr. Daly was right there answered all my questions. I would refer business to him without any hesitation. Once we went into contract to build our home, he touched base with me every week." - R. Ford

Everything was handled professionally, some interstate information was a little confusing, but I will just say the internet is under construction. The house was what I expected, the listing slideshow could be a little easier to navigate. Other than that, the realtor was friendly and helpful, and the house was properly represented.

- J. Moore
"I would have to say that you each have met and exceeded my expectations. Each person that I have come in contact with has been professional, courteous, and well prepared to meet all of my needs and expectations. I very much appreciate the services that I have received and will certainly recommend your company to any and all who may inquire. Again, thank you! " - Z. Habassi
"We were able to get a pretty quick sale....We were drawn to the marketing model that he described that you guys have developed on focusing on online listings and really getting visibility there....that was what we wanted. And ultimately because we were getting a buyer that was at the time overseas....that worked as intended.....Stace is very knowledgeable." - G. Brand

Stace is the best. He really took the time to explain things over and over with me about what steps were needed to achieve my first home. Without him, I would probably still be in an apartment. All the time he took with us was a little embarrassing, but he made us feel right through the entire process. I will definitely use him again and would recommend him to anybody. Thanks again Stace! 

- Chris J.

"I lived in Lawton all of my life and without sounding corny - I was told that Real Estate Experts was the best. When I talked to Stace, he was my kind of guy and I'm real big on first impressions.....I like Stace."

- G. West
"Thank you for making our home selling experience a great one! You are the best!!" - A. Carter

"Real Estate Experts, we all step up and tell businesses when we are not satisfied with their product or customer service... I'm here to let you know that Stace is a top notch employee within your firm. I'm half way through the process on buying and just started the process to sell my existing home. Stace has left an impression that I can trust that he will do what is right for me and not to just make a buck. He listens to my concerns and advises me on how I should approach the process..."

- R. Jameson
"My house is sold and I couldn't be happier. I've had another Realtor before you guys and I would never suggest anybody to use them. You guys did amazing. Compared to my first experience, you blew them out of the water." - K. Davidson

"This is my first time buying a house and Reedy made sure I understood everything I needed to know about buying. He gave me several informational hand outs and kept frequent communication with me at all times...it's a pleasure having him as my realtor and I will refer him to whoever I run into looking for a good agent."

- E. Nunley
"I'm very satisfied. It was quick! I would really recommend your company and anytime I have another real estate issue I will go to you." - R. Pratts

"I had a great experience buying my house!"

- K. Hollon
"Just your knowledge on the things you do....knowing the area.... and being honest is one of the biggest things you have going for you. You listen to people's needs." - M. Nava
"We are at ease and it seems like Stace knows what he is going....He was honest.... and open and right now I'm at ease.....and yes I would refer him." - S. Willis

"It's been great. Stace has been great. He never pushed. He's been upfront so it's been a good experience so far. He's guiding me....it was all good advice."

- R. Jameson

"This house was on the market for less than 1 month!  He was extremely helpful during a very stressful time for us. He listened, was patient and answered all my questions and explained everything very well. I appreciate all his hard work and the hard work of everyone at Real Estate Experts. We really expected our house to sit empty for awhile and couldn't be happier working with anyone else."

- A. Bignell
"To make a sale is one thing but to take care of your customer is something else. When you conduct yourself the way she does, she's always going to have that repeat business." - R. Strange
"You sold my house in under 90 days. Which was not expected......You let us know what was out there in the market and what we needed to do for ours to sell quicker." - T. McCarter

"It was a pleasure working with Real Estate Experts. Stace is very professional and personable. He communicated with us on a regular basis. We had a contract on our house in three weeks. I highly recommend Real Estate Experts for anyone needing to sell or purchase a home."

- P. Doty

"Real Estate Experts was Excellent."

- J. Person
"Stace did a really good job. He's amazing. He's very good. He's got the market down. He reads the contracts really well and he gives very good support.....He came with facts and figures and ones that he could show you instead of just tell you. He's been very helpful." - C. Clelan
"I really enjoyed Reedy and thought he was an outstanding agent. He showed us the homes we wanted to see and was there for us throughout the whole process. I would give him a ten out of a ten." - R. Raymond

Hands down the best realtor in Lawton.

- J. Hansen

Stace got my house listed and sold quickly! Great communication throughout the process, which I appreciated as an out-of-state seller. I couldn't have asked for a better selling experience! Highly recommend this agency for your real estate needs!

- A Karen
"He listens to what we want. Before my wife looked at some properties and stuff with other Realtors, and they would never show her the houses she wanted to see. They always kind of pushed something else on her.....He was very patient too with us.....He went the extra mile for us.....If I ever need to buy another house or sell this house, I'll definitely use him!" - R. Raymond

Great service! Could not have been better, thanks for all your help Stace!

- D. Sommerhauser
"It was great. Reedy was great. He helped us out. Any questions we had he was more than willing to get us to the right people to get the questions answered. Any issues we had, he got fixed." - J. Christal

Stace was so easy to work with and got my home sold in record time! I highly appreciate all the work he did for a successful sale. A+++

- A Dickinson

"The Real Estate Experts team has been really helpful to me. We had two previous Realtors and believe me - we've never had anybody in contact with us so much. It's been amazing. On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the best, I would rate you a fifteen! It was nice to have someone come to our home and tell us what we needed to hear - not necessarily what we wanted to hear. With the other Realtors, it took me six weeks to get a call back about dropping the price and with this team, it was like 20 minutes later and we had the price dropped. It's been phenomenal. I really mean this. I feel ridiculous for waiting this long to go with you guys. I wish I would have done this a long time ago so I would have gotten a better outcome. We will be proclaiming your praises to everyone. Thank you for everything."

- A. Crowley
"The communication - the wide range of marketing - the many different web sites. The reports...will be a big piece of mind every week - knowing where we stand. We would definitely recommend you." - J. Zemlin

"We were pleased that the house did sell quick. Our Realtor was good about keeping me informed, telling us what our options were, so I thought she did great."

- D. Parks

"I am really impressed with the work Real Estate Experts has done with my property. They have done more for me in one day than other guys did in three months and I sure appreciate it. I will definitely keep them in mind for the future. I am thoroughly impressed."

- M. Culbertson

"Real Estate Experts was awesome. Because you guys are experts. I don't think I could trust anybody else with buying a house in Lawton, so I felt like I got a five-star Realtor."

- B. Knight

"I will absolutely recommend Real Estate Experts in the future,"

- G. Stebbins
"Reedy was just fabulous - an amazing man. Pretty much held my hand the whole way.......I will definitely be recommending you to anyone coming to Ft. Sill area. I love Reedy; he is so fabulous." - B. Savagyda

"Real Estate Experts are doing great work, got our first offer today.... Also have a Century Agent with a client coming back with their husband tonight. And the pics are not even online yet. Either way it's going great."

- R. Jameson

"You guys did a wonderful job for us and did help us to maintain our sanity through this difficult situation. Thank you, Thank you so much!!"

- S. Collins

Stace did a fantastic job getting my house on the market quickly and under contract in just 20 days. Highly recommend!

- A. Dickinson

"I tell everyone I know how happy I am and what a great job my Real Estate Expert did! She truly listened to what my needs were and worked hard to find me the perfect house. I had a blast looking for my first home because she made it easy and fun! I definitely felt like I had someone on my side who was there to support me and guide me in the process...Just because the sale was over didn't mean that my Real Estate Expert disappeared"

- K. Long
"A Good Experience. Any time I had a question, you always got right with me...communication was always good.....I'd refer you, of course." - A. Oates
"I wanted to commend you on your communications in helping get our transaction closed. We look forward to working with you again in the future." - P. Pope

"I feel really, really good.....You were willing to go the extra mile for us......Instead of it feeling like a business deal, it felt like you tried to get more personal with us.....Working with the Real Estate Experts team is like using a home town bank."

- Z. Harrison

"This is my first home, and being an Army Veteran with PTSD and Anxiety issues, I have to say this has been an enjoyable experience. I expected to be stressed and things to be harder than what they have been.  Thanks to Real Estate Experts...I simply couldn't be happier with this process.  Thank you and everyone involved with helping me find the home of my dreams"

- L. Acosta

"It's been great. It's been good, been really good knowing that you have different people. Go with Real Estate Experts and see."

- M. Vargas

Stace is a very professional and friendly realtor.  He will accommodate to your need on selling your house.

- L Thomas
"Thank you so much for helping to find a wonderful new home for us!  We are busy fixing it, but very happy with our new home. You have really done a great job for us! More than anything else, we really appreciate your patience and stayed with us all the way that we now own a beautiful house. No doubt we will enjoy this new home very much. Thanks again" - J. Fisher